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Automatic Drain Valves

In the progression of technology of automatic drain valves manufacturers, Baliyan Airengineers condensate sensing type automatic drain valves are the newest. Essentially useful and reliable, these valves sense the condensate level for activation instead of operating through the cycle timer. The capacitance type of sensor, which can work with all types of condensates such as water, water plus oil, water plus oil plus dust and more, detects the gradual increase in level as the condensate begins to accumulate in the drain valves. On the other hand, the controller tells the valves to open when the condensate reaches the upper level. The condensate now drains slowly and reaches the lower level. In this way, the controller turns off the valves and thus stops the drain.

This controller, with the help of indications from 3 LED displays, responsibly looks for any valve faults and takes appropriate corrective actions; It does this very routinely, which maintains control of the state of the system. A test/manual override button also makes the process easier. This method of operation of these valves negates any loss of compressed air, thus saving a large amount of energy. The equipment’s manual drains can be easily replaced by placing the Baliyan Airengineers drain valves on them.

Why Baliyan Airengineers?

We are leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of automatic drain valves include the name of Baliyan Airengineers having expertise in the industry for more than 30 years. Its products are used in a variety of industries. Although competitively priced, these valves are high quality; having undergone several quality tests before delivery to customers for regular and efficient drainage of oil and moisture from compressed air systems. The entire quality testing process is carried out under the supervision of expert professionals. Baliyan Airengineers offers automatic drain valves in regular and full bore types.

Product Specification

Valve Size from 1/4″BSP to 2″BSP
Media Air, Water, Gas
Automation Grade Automatic
Material Aluminium