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Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air filters are used in compressed airlines to prevent liquid solid and liquid contaminants from going downstream. The compressed air leaving a screw or piston compressor contains a high content of water, oil and other contaminants. It is imperative to use a compressed air filter to remove these contaminants. Baliyan Airengineers compressed air filters are widely used in pneumatic lines for this purpose. Compressed air typically contains moisture, dust, oil, rust and other contaminants. This necessities the need for high efficiency filtration. The Baliyan Airengineers compressed air filter uses filter elements based on pleated borosilicate fiberglass. These filter elements have a built-in pre-filter layer which eliminates the need for a separate pre-filter. Pleated fiberglass media offers a surface area equivalent to 5 times the filtration area of competitive products. The end result is low pressure drop and long life with minimal maintenance costs.



Although less effective, particles down to 0.01 microns are filtered.

Provides you with the possibility of standard installation of an automatic drain valves.

A very low pressure drop of 1 PSI for dry media and 2-3 for wet media.

It offers you a maximum oil carryover value of 0.008 ppm w/w.

Different degrees of coalescing for multiple applications.


Product Description:

BALIYAN AIRENGINEERS filter element with 7 Grades: PF/AO/AF/AE/FF/AT/AAT

Series   BaliyanPet  (SS Housings)  & CS 1000 (Carbon Steel Housing)
    Gas Flow Rates (Min / Max)  3-3000 CFM
   Air/ Gas Operating Pressure   1 Bar (G)          through  200 Bar (G)
14.5 psig          through 2900 psig
    Line Size    1/2″ NB through 12″ NB. Flanged upto 1500 lb Rating
    Filter Housing MOC    a) Carbon Steel  b) Aluminum
    Filter Cartridges MOC     Synthetic Bronze
    Filtration Rating   0.01 micron to 100 micron