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Desiccant Type Compressed Air Dryers

Baliyan Airengineers is a leading Manufacturer of a wide range of Air Dryers. Desiccant Type Compressed Air Dryers without heat. Most industrial compressed air systems and the use of Desiccant Type Compressed Air Dryers. High pressure gas and air drying systems also incorporates these types of  compressed air and gas dryers in many of their applications. Baliyan Airengineers excels in manufacturing Desiccant Type Compressed Air Dryers.


Change Over:

After a present time, the desiccant in the first tower needs to be regenerated as it is saturated with the adsorbed moisture. The outlet purge air valve of the second tower is energised in a sequence, where the outlet valves closes first to repressurise in the tower in regeneration mode. The second tower now becomes the adsorber while the first changes to regeneration mode. The wet compressed air now passes through the fresh regenerated adsorber tower thus setting up a continuous process.

How does Air Dryers works?

Our Desiccant Dryer is based on the principle of heatless regeneration and the physical properties of desiccant to adsorb and desorb the water vapour. It uses pressure swing principle/purge air to generate the desiccant bed.  The Desiccant Dryer has two pressure vessels/towers filled with desiccant. While the air is dried in one tower/vessel, the desiccant in the other is being regenerated dry air in the downstream automatic air/gas.

Drying System:

The wet compressed air is led into one of the adsorber tower through solenoid valves in the smaller models, and through pneumatically controlled valves in the bigger models. This wet compressed air is passed through a specially designed sieve tube for uniform flow of air through the desiccant tower, where it is dried. Part of this dried air is taken out and used for purging or reactivating the desiccant of the tower saturated with moisture. The balance dry air leaves the dryer through a check valve.

Regeneration Feature:

The regenerated with a low water vapour pressure is passed over the desiccant (saturated with adsorbed moisture). The desiccant loses the adsorbed moisture which is expelled into the atmosphere via exhaust valve through a muffler. Now the desiccant is dry and ready for adsorption. The heat of adsorption released during this process raises the temperature of the desiccant, which in turn stimulates the liberation of the adsorbed water vapour and thus, the regeneration takes place.

Technical Specification

  • Usage/Application   Industrial
  • Drying Capacity   10-3000 CFM
  • Output Dew Point -30 to 80C
  • Working Pressure  5 to 150 bar
  • Air inlet= Atmosphere temperature
  • Ambient temperature: -60°C

Key Features & Benefits

Wide range with 19 standard models

Capacities from 10 to 3000 CFM . Higher capacities are available on request

Atmospheric dew point achievable (-) 60°c to (-) 80°c

Electronic controls/solid state timers for automatic and reliable operation

Low power consumption

Equipped with muffler on purge air outlet to reduce noise level

Special Baliyan Filters for removal of water, oil mists, oil vapour and dust particles with electronically operated drain valves

Explosion proof controls for offshore application

Construction according to various codes